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Awards and Enterprise Bargaining Agreements

Are you covered by an award or enterprise agreement and what are they?

What are awards?

Awards are legal documents which set out the rights, entitlements and obligations of employers and employees in the workplace. They include rates of pay, hours of work, penalty rates, casual and part-time work and grievance procedures.

Because of the Australian Constitution, awards can be made in both State and Federal tribunals. This means that in some workplaces, a worker covered by a State award may have a colleague (in a different job category) who is covered by a Federal award. If you are unsure if you are covered by a Federal or a State award, contact your Branch

What are Enterprise Bargaining Agreements?

Like awards, enterprise bargaining agreements are legal documents which set out the rights, entitlements and obligations of employers and employees. The main difference between awards and enterprise bargaining agreements is that enterprise bargaining agreements only apply to the employees of one particular organisation.

Which is better an award or Enterprise Bargaining Agreement?

Both have their strengths and it depends in part on whether you are covered by federal or state industrial laws. The HSUA will advise you which type of agreement will get the best deal for your workplace.

Who writes a new Enterprise Bargaining Agreement?

There are two parties who negotiate the agreement: your HSUA official and elected workplace delegates on behalf of workers, and management on behalf of the company.

How is the Enterprise Bargaining Agreement struck?

The HSUA official and workplace delegates meet with union members to find out what they want from the EBA, for example a pay rise, improvement in health and safety conditions, job rotation, changes in meal breaks etc..

Then the HSUA official and workplace delegates prepare a log of claims and presents it to management.
Management prepares a log of claims and presents this to the union official and workplace delegates.

The HSUA official and workplace delegates and management meet and negotiate and then report back to members.
Once an agreement is reached on the EBA it is presented to union members and a vote is held.

If workers accept it the agreement is certified and implemented. If workers do not accept it, negotiations continue until changes are accepted by members and
an agreement is reached.

Why should you introduce an EBA into your workplace or be part of negotiations for a new award?

More money in your pocket
More direction and control of your work
Better working conditions
More satisfying work
More training opportunities
More job security

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