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Your Rights At Work

What's more important than your rights at work?

The rights and conditions of working Australians which have been built up over more than 100 years are being taken away by the Federal Government.

The government has used its power to ram through new work laws which are opposed by unions, community groups, churches, Labor and the minor parties.

For people working in health and community care where services are provided 24 hours a day seven days a week the changes pose a major threat to working conditions.

Hard won industry conditions like penalty rates, leave entitlements, redundancy pay and even meal breaks could be lost.

From March 2006 people who are in workplaces covered by the federal IR system where there are less than 100 staff can be sacked without notice or proper reason.

People working in areas of healthcare who are not covered by an enterprise agreement will also no longer get the annual pay rises they enjoy from the Industrial Relations Commission's minimum wage case.

Sound fair to you?

The changes will mean lower living standards and erode the basic rights of working Australians.

The best protection for people working in the health system is to be a member of a strong union.

The HSU will oppose them and work hard with other unions and community groups to have them overturned.

For members contact your local HSU branch to find out how you can help.

Download a HSU Fact Sheet pack with seven fact sheets telling you all you need to know about the changes.

Help increase award wages by sending a message

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