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24 August 2005

People working in healthcare need to know how the proposed changes to work laws will affect their rights at work. The HSU has produced a series of seven fact sheets which cover all aspects of the changes.

You can download the fact sheets below.

It is important to read about the proposed work laws which are due to go before parliament in late October or November.

If the work laws pass parliament, staff working in health face the possibility of cuts to their entitlements which could mean a reduction in pay of hundreds of dollars a week.

In 99 per cent of workplaces, staff would also lose protection against unfair dismissal and the powers of the independent umpire, the Industrial Relations Commission will also be cut.

For staff in NSW, Queensland, Western Australia, Tasmania and South Australia the state IR systems which work so well would also be abolished.

Download File:
Click here to download the HSU Fact Sheet pack [ pdf ]

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